Property Managers and Homeowner Testimonials

Here are just a few testimonials from many of our satisfied customers. We understand the importance of strong customer service and high value for your advertising dollar. is built on these important fundamentals and we strive to satisfy each and every customer we serve every day! Be sure to watch our Property Manager Video Testimonials on our YouTube channel.

LOVE the lead reports! Love listening to the call recordings! This is a great tool indeed.
Tom Wentworth
Aadvisor Rentals
11 of the properties we leased last month were sourced back to your websites! Thanks team for all of those outstanding tenant leads!
Jason Myers
Orlando Realty & Property Management
We have been using the Advertising service for over a year, and have seen seen significant results online for our money invested. Just recently, we added the owner portion to our service and have already received 2 phone calls for new management listings.
Kim Hampton
Hampton & Hampton Property Management
OH MY, gave me the exposure I needed! After 5 months of sitting vacant, I posted it on your website and had 2-3 calls coming in per day and got it filled.
Lillian Jack
Property Manager
JAL Realty, LLC.
Our phones constantly ring with rental inquiries from that turn into excellent residents. Florida Rental ads has been the best decision I have made for leasing our properties. If your doing business in Florida and want your properties leased this is the number one site. We Love!
Fred Thompson
Remax 200 Realty.
The results speak for themselves, Our phones are ringing off the hook!
Michael Hodges
First Place Management, Inc.
I was formally with a previous advertising site that I was very disappointed with. I came across Florida Rental Ads and linked with Matt. He was great and answered all my questions. Florida Rentals Ads have given me more business in the just the few months that we have been using the site than with the previous company we used. They are more local to Florida and that is where the company started as well. Their call tracking system is brilliant as well as the missed call notification. I will be sure to recommend this advertising site to all my business associates.
Samantha Aiple
Property Manager
Orlando Vacation Realty.
I have to admit Iím very, very impressed. That phone contact system is awesome! As of right now, Iím getting just as many leads from you as I do with Canít beat your customer service. You are the best when it comes to that!
Tony Marchelletta
Broker/Property Manager
Palm Coast Property Management.
As a managing broker for one of the largest property management companies in Florida, I know there are two streams of leads that are vital to the success of the business. One is the lead stream of owners. The other is the lead stream of rental home shoppers. With the narrow margins of profit we work with in property management its of utmost importance a manager know where the streams are located that provide the highest volume of leads for each dollar spent on advertising and marketing. In our business we monitor these numbers. Weve found that by utilizing the services of we have been able to increase our rental home shopper inquiries which results in a higher number of approved applications and rented properties. In addition, our leads for property management services have also increased measurably. I know. I have watched our portfolio grow.
Jack McSwain, PRM, Realtor
Managing Broker
Walter Williams Property Management, Inc.
I cannot say enough about and the excellent service this company provides to the property managers who us them. Great Customer service and they always answer the phone if I need help! I am very pleased with the amount of renters and homeowners who contact me thru the website. Oh, The phone tracking service is awesome!!! I never miss a call, Thank You guys!
Wanda Franklin, RMP, MPM, PRM
Heth Realty, Inc.
I just wanted to say thank you for your promt service whenever I have any questions or problems. Your website has been great for my business and at a great price! I especially appreciate your personalized service with regard to the small business owner. Keep up the good work and, again Thank You!
Kathy Weaver
Real Estate Broker
McGrath Management, Inc.
I just want to thank you, from the bottom of my almost empty pockets, for your awesome property rental website. After spending all kinds of money on very expensive 30 day websites advertising my property, I realized that not only were the expensive sites burning holes in my pockets but I was getting sporadic calls at best (no emails). I was almost panicked as I was coming up on my second 30 days, when someone contacted me on my email and told me about I decided to give it a shot as it was substantially cheaper and the term was beyond the one month of the other sites. Shortly after I posted the ad I got calls and email inquiries. My rental also poped up on craigslist and other popular websites without me having to do anything. I ended up renting my property within a couple of weeks. When I asked my tenant where she saw the ad she told me that it was on Again thanks and I'll see you in about a year.
Doug Astralaga
Real Estate Investor.
After trying other national advertising services we just did not get the response or leads we were hoping to get. We now receive many phone calls and emails everyday, and new leases every month. I highly recommend!
Steve Jackiewicz
Property Manager
Hometown Realty Inc. is our top choice to put our Rentals to Work! It is certainly the best value on the internet for advertising your vacancies whether it is 1 unit or 100.
Aaron Houser
Real Estate Broker
Rebate Rentals
My husband and I found your website to be extremely helpful and are very pleased that we used your service to rent our home. Due to the very professional way our home was advertised, we received many calls and interest. Our home rented within a few days. helped make it possible for us to rent our home quickly, hassle free and saved us a huge amount of money. We will highly recommend your service to anyone wishing to rent their home.
David and Sheryl Sawyer
After finding out that I was being transferred to Orlando, Florida, my wife and I knew we had a lot of work to do. We had a few weeks to find a new place to live in Orlando and pack up all our stuff! After many rental searches online, we discovered that was by far the easiest one to use, for finding a new place in Orlando. Thanks for everything!
Don Hamilton
As soon as we took some pictures and uploaded our house on, we immediately began to receive calls. In the span of a couple of days we had 10 potential renters calling wanting to set up a time to come look at our house. By the end of the week we had a renter give us a deposit and set a move-in date. We never dreamed that finding a great, qualified renter would be that effortless. Thank you!!
Hannah Starr
Really great service. After 5 days, I got the unit rented. That's why I keep coming back.
Rick Hack