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Houses For Rent in Winter Haven ,FL

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Interesting facts and information about Winter Haven Florida

The appropriately named Winter Haven, Florida is part of Polk County and has almost 33,000 residents living in this unique city in the Sunshine state. Located in the center section of Florida, Winter Haven provides many employment opportunities as well as attractions that have people coming year round to this area of the state.

Founded in 1884 as "Harris Corners", the name was quickly changed to Winter Haven because of the pleasant year round climate. Although the town was quite small at the turn of the 20th century with only 400 residents when the city was incorporated in 1911, the "Chain of Lakes" canal system was started in 1915 and this led to the region's growth over the years. As with most towns in Florida, the city boomed in the 1920's thanks to the land rush and subsided over the Great Depression.

However, the building of Cypress Gardens in 1936 helped to really establish the town and it became one of the leading tourism centers in the state. While the Gardens today is no longer, a new Legoland Florida has recently been completed, the largest one in the world today which brings in visitors from all parts of the globe. Winter Haven features many buildings designed by the famed Gene Leedy.

Economic opportunities for those moving into the area and seeking houses for rent in Winter Haven are plentiful thanks to the diverse economy which is based in tourism and retail. For young couples looking at a fresh start, there are numerous employment opportunities available the year round, though the winter months do see more visitors.

Winter Haven has many different attractions perfect for outdoor types, ranging from the many golf courses that surround the community to the fresh water lakes that have plenty of water sports, fishing and sun bathing places to enjoy. As with most Florida communities, Winter Haven sports a strong art community and is generally geared towards the retirement community, though the increasing demand for health care professionals means that this city has plenty of employment opportunities as well.

Finding apartments and Homes for rent in Winter Haven FL is fairly straightforward given the current economic conditions which are mostly rooted in tourism, retail and the health care profession. There are rental homes that include larger, multi-story dwellings to smaller homes perfect for those on a budget.

However, the housing market for purchasing homes may be a better alternative than just finding homes for rent in Winter Haven FL. Given that most houses in the area are still undervalued and with interest rates at an all time low, this is truly a buyer's market. However, with the prices of homes hitting bottom in 2011, these conditions will not last much longer as the prices for homes has slowly, but steadily risen since that time.

If you are looking for a place to retire, spend the winter months or find employment opportunities, then Winter Haven is one city in Florida that offers all three.