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Houses For Rent in Palm Bay ,FL

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Local Information about the City of Palm Bay Florida

Located halfway up the eastern coast, the city of Palm Bay, Florida boasts beautiful beaches, a temperate climate with lots of sunshine and plenty of things to do. For those looking to move into an exciting part of Florida away from the more crowded Miami Beach area, yet have plenty of sun and fun, Palm Bay, Florida may be just the place to be.

The history of Palm Bay, Florida began before the American Civil War when European settlers started the town along Turkey Creek and took advantage of the nearby wildlife, lumber and orange trees to create a diverse economy that has grown steadily over the years. Despite its rather long history, the city did not get its current name until the mid 1920s when it was named after the sabal palm trees in the area.

Today the city is divided into four quadrants which contain their own zip codes. While the climate itself is not as warm as its southern neighbor Miami, it does have relatively warm winters and hot summers with occasional freezes and extremely hot days as well. Fortunately the nearby ocean helps to moderate much of these temperature changes.

The economic outlook for this city is roughly the same as the rest of Florida, still recovering from the 2008 housing market crash. Those looking for houses for rent in Palm Bay will have plenty to choose from though the dwellings along the scenic beach are in high demand. The economy itself is slowly picking up just like the rest of the country but more importantly the real estate prices themselves have bottomed out in 2011 and are slowly rising. For those choosing houses for rent in Palm Bay FL, the outlook is still good since demand for rentals is high.

Those looking to move to Palm Bay will be pleasantly surprised by the family friendly atmosphere which offers plenty of low key attractions. In fact, those looking for homes for rent in Palm Bay had better bring their golf clubs to enjoy some of the finest courses in the state. Obviously, outdoor recreation is at a premium as well with beautiful ocean beaches and outdoor activities for most of the year.

However, one of the more interesting attractions is the Turkey Creek Sanctuary which boasts a beautiful inland area filled with wildlife and impressive oak trees which helped found the town more than 150 years ago. For the kids there are plenty of skate parks as well to keep them entertained as well as an overall strong family atmosphere with permeates the Palm Bay area.

Those looking for Homes for rent in Palm Bay will find a family friendly atmosphere of a city recovering from the housing crash of 2008, but boasting strong attractions, a diverse economy and plenty of things for residents and tourists to do in this beautiful part of Florida. The outlook is certainly bright for those looking for a rental home to find gainful employment or to retire and walk the beautiful beaches, play on the golf course or just relax in the moderate climate that is this part of Florida.