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Houses For Rent in Pace ,FL

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Interesting facts and information about Pace Florida

The town of Pace, Florida has certainly lived up to its name in recent years. This small community had less than 8,000 residents in 2000 only to see that number almost triple by 2010 at just over 20,000. Located in the western part of the Florida panhandle, the town of Pace has certainly benefitted from being within the Pensacola-Brent-Ferry Pass area. Given the generally warm climate, beautiful scenery and growing economic opportunities, this town certainly looks to keep pace with its rapid population growth.

The township was named after James G. Pace, the owner of lumber, paper and turpentine mills that operated in the area. What was once an ignored strip of land near "Floridatown" before World War One, the town grew very slowly over the years and has never been incorporated. Until recently, the population remained rather steady until new economic opportunities presented themselves in this region and now Pace is growing by leaps and bounds.

Located just to the north of the Pensacola area, Pace is next to the Gulf of Mexico and enjoys a moderately warm climate for most of the year although it is north enough to be exposed to colder weather on occasion. However, this region is noted for its outdoor activities and family friendly atmosphere. Along with numerous golf courses there are a number of parks and recreational activities built for families. However, the close location to Pensacola and its surrounding communities means that residents will always find something to do in this area of the state.

While the economy is generally based around retail and tourism, they are somewhat different than in other parts of the Sunshine state given the numerous military bases that are nearby. Pace serves a burgeoning community that serves the needs of the military and those looking for employment can find many opportunities that await them.

While the weather is not as warm year round as in southern Florida, this is still a prime retirement area with many activities that cater to older adults. Also, there are plenty of houses for rent in Pace if you are looking for temporary quarters until you are ready to move into a retirement or assisted living center. Either way, Pace is certainly one of the more desired places in the Florida panhandle to live.

Those searching for apartments and homes for rent in Pace FL will find them hard at first to find since the area has grown so much in recent years. However, homes for rent in Pace are mostly new thanks to the recent construction and build-up of the town. The housing collapse which hit the state also affected Pace as well, meaning that you might find many Pace Homes for rent that are fairly new.

With almost record growth in the past decade, Pace Florida is looking towards a bright future thanks to its ideal location, numerous economic opportunities and family friendly lifestyle.