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Houses For Rent in Ocala ,FL

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Information about the City of Ocala Florida

As the county seat of Marion County Florida, the city of Ocala boasts a population of 325,000 people in the upper central area of the Sunshine state. With origins that go back centuries, the residents of Ocala have always looked to the future when it comes to providing job opportunities, growth in real estate and establishing a family oriented community that is perfect for new families to move and reside.

Home to the Timucua tribe in the centuries before Europeans came to America. The area itself was abandoned by the tribe and other Native American peoples in the early 16th century when Spaniards under Hernando de Soto passed through the area. By the early 19th century Ocala was brought back to life when US military forces placed Fort King in the area and the town started to grow around it. The railroad brought in even more people and today the city is most noted for being one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the state.

Visitors come by the hundreds of thousands each year to visit the Silver Springs Nature Theme Park and the Wild Waters Park as well as numerous smaller attractions. Silver Springs is a nature park that surrounds the headwaters of the famed Silver River which has the largest artesian spring formation in the world today. However, like most communities in the central Florida area, the arrival of Disney World along with several other major attractions has significantly boosted the population and tourism industry in the region.

Ocala's past and growing future may be founded in tourism, but the job opportunities are plentiful in the area thanks to its status as a prominent retirement community. This means for those looking at houses for rent in Ocala, the tourism, retail and health care job markets provide plenty of work opportunities in the area. This makes the city perfect for those looking for new job opportunities as well as those considering retiring to the area thanks to its moderate climate, many different attractions and wealth of beautiful homes.

Finding houses for rent in Ocala FL starts with the historic homes established in the area back in the 19th century. After a major fire destroyed much of Ocala in 1883, the townsfolk rebuilt their public buildings and residential houses out of brick, granite and steel, thus earning Ocala the nickname "The Brick City". Finding one of these historic houses for rent in Ocala makes it a pleasure to own and enjoy as well as having strong resale value for those wishing to purchase such a property.

Ocala provides plenty of golf courses, parks and recreational activities that reflect the rich history of the city including horse themed parks as well. The large size of the city belies its natural roots as the citizens of Ocala take advantage of many outdoor activities. Finding good homes for rent in Ocala is something that is relatively easy to do for those looking at higher end, historic homes or more affordable housing that fits within their budgets. After all, living in Ocala means moving into a rich, vibrant town with a wonderful historic flavor.