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Houses For Rent in Fort Lauderdale ,FL

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More Local Information about the City of Fort Lauderdale Florida

Often called the "Venice of America" thanks to the expansive canal systems that permeates this principle city of the South Florida area, Fort Lauderdale has enjoyed a long, rich history and features plenty of outdoor activities, beautiful beaches and a host of employment opportunities thanks to its location. As county seat of Broward County sports around 165,000 residents itself, Fort Lauderdale is centrally located in the South Florida metropolitan region which has around 5.5 million residents.

The history of Fort Lauderdale is a relatively short one in Florida history. While the town itself was named after Major William Lauderdale who commanded a series of small forts during the Second Seminole War of 1835, the city itself did not actually take root and begin to grow until the beginning of the 20th century.

If searching for houses for rent in Fort Lauderdale, one of the main attractions is boating and yachting with over 42,000 yachts located in over 100 marinas in Fort Lauderdale area. Boating, beaches, and outdoor activities dominate the recreation of Fort Lauderdale. The warm climate and year round moderate temperatures can get a little warm and humid in the summertime, but the southern location means that cold temperatures are few and far between.

While most of the attractions in Fort Lauderdale are centered outdoors, the residents have made a considerable effort to promote the family friendly aspects of their community. The "Funderdome" for example is one of the largest indoor recreational centers in the region with over 9,000 square feet of space. There are also high quality museums such as the Antique Car and Bonnet House Museum and Gardens.

Although it must be admitted that Fort Lauderdale also sports a pretty impressive night life scene as well. While not quite as profound as its neighbor Miami, the 4000+ restaurants and over 120 nightclubs in the area speak of a young, energetic vibe that permeates the South Florida area. This location is perfect for young couples looking for an exciting, opportunity filled area of the country that enjoys warm weather year round as well as plenty of things to do day and night.

Employment opportunities are also growing in the area those looking for houses for rent in Fort Lauderdale FL do need to be aware of the ongoing recovery from the housing collapse of 2008. While the prices for houses have stabilized and are currently slowly rising, those looking for homes for rent in Fort Lauderdale can choose from a wide variety of dwellings ranging from small, inexpensive dwellings in the interior to larger, two story homes that can be found along the coast. Naturally the demand for coastal homes are higher and the prices more expensive, but given the economic growth which is expected to keep developing for the foreseeable future, the availability of rental homes will continue to grow.

Expanding job opportunities, warm climate and plenty of houses for rent in Fort Lauderdale denote a community that is still vibrant and growing, leading South Florida out of the recent housing crisis and steering towards a brighter economic future.