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Houses For Rent in Crestview ,FL

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Local resources and information about Crestview Florida

Finding Houses for rent in Crestview is a great way to enjoy everything that is offered in Okaloosa County. This is one of the fastest growing cities in Florida and is one of the largest cities in the County. The city was incorporated in 1916 and was given its name because of its location on the woodland range, located between the Shoal and Yellow Rivers.

For anyone who is looking for homes for rent in Crestview FL, it gets some of the colder winters, allowing you to experience a change of season, unlike some of the southern areas of the state. The city is about 45 miles northeast of Pensacola. It is also 200 or so miles east of New Orleans. In this city, you can find a number of neighborhoods, old and new. Construction is still going on so it's not uncommon to find houses for rent in Crestview FL that are brand new or only a few years old. Single family homes are in abundance, though townhomes and duplexes can also be found.

Things to Do Around Crestview Florida

With three major highways going into Crestview, it's commonly referred to as the hub city. It's right outside the Fort Walton Beach metropolitan area, giving you access to the beaches and water sports that the city is known for. There is also the Indian Temple Mound Park and Museum nearby as well as the Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida.

Eglin Air Force Base is also conveniently nearby, making Base housing in Crestview, FL popular amongst military families. Within Crestview, there are also a number of forests, lakes and rivers, making outdoor recreation possible. Camping, hiking, fishing, boating and even horseback riding are common pastimes throughout the city.

The Parks and Recreation Department of Crestview operates a number of facilities. When you enjoy houses for rent in Crestview, you can take advantage of the parks and ball fields that the city has to offer. This includes Allen Park with the softball field and children's playground. There is also the Environmental Center with over 100 types of trees and hands-on displays for teaching.

Choosing to live in Crestview affords you the opportunity to take place in all that the city has to offer. Throughout the year, they are known for a number of town events. This includes cook-offs, spring carnivals, and various historic and holiday celebrations. They do fireworks at the Fourth of July, egg hunts for the kids at Easter and various other events that shouldn't be missed.

When you want a great city to call home up in the panhandle of Florida, Crestview housing market will provide you with everything you could possibly want.