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Houses For Rent in Coral Springs ,FL

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More Information about the City of Coral Springs Florida

Home to over 120,000 people, Coral Springs, Florida is located just 20 miles north of Fort Lauderdale and is part of the larger Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach community of millions of people. Coral Springs enjoys a thriving economy based in tourism and the health care industries which offer a solid foundation for economic growth. Perhaps the main feature of Coral Springs lies in the stringent building codes that maintain the city's unique appeal along with a strong form of local government that has kept the crime rate in check, making Coral Springs perfect for families and retirees to live.

Coral Springs was a planned community founded in 1963. The name itself comes from the development company, Coral Ridge Properties. Despite the name, there are no springs in Coral Springs as fresh water springs are generally found in the more northern sections of Florida. Starting in the 1970s the city grew by leaps and bounds adding over 35,000 residents in each decade.

One reason finding houses for rent in Coral Springs may be a bit difficult is the city's low tax rate and strict building codes combined with good economic climate and family-friendly atmosphere have made it a popular place to move. For those finding houses for rent in Coral Springs FL, they not only enjoy some of the best living conditions in Florida, they also are in close proximity to other, larger cities such as Fort Lauderdale which provide more career opportunities.

For those looking at homes for rent in Coral Springs and wondering if this is a good place for families or to retire, Coral Springs features a number of attractions. Most notably golf courses and other related outdoor activities. While Coral Springs is not next to the ocean, it is very close making it a perfect place to live and make the short commute to the beach. Coral Springs also features museums such as the Sawgrass Nature Center which preserves much of the natural flora and fauna of the area, art centers and various theaters, parks and other places perfect for families.

Another plus with those looking for rentals in Coral Springs FL is the relatively low crime rate and high standard of living which makes this city one of the most attractive places in Florida to live. Finding employment in Coral Springs centers on the health, retail and tourism industries which dominate much of south Florida, for those looking for houses for rent in Coral Springs, the outlook is promising for those looking at employment opportunities as well as those considering a place to retire.

The housing crisis which hit Florida hard in 2008 is still hampering much of the construction industry, but values which bottomed out in 2011 have now turned around and are steadily rising. With a growing economic outlook, perfect location near the major cities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale and plenty of family friendly activities, this is a perfect time to find good real estate or even Coral Springs homes for rent for those looking to move into this dynamic part of Florida.