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Houses For Rent in Clermont ,FL

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More Information about the City of Coral Springs Florida

Clermont is a rather humble city of around 30,000 residents located just west of Orlando, Florida. As part of the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford area, Clermont boasts a moderate climate and diverse economy that is centered on the tourism industry in large part due to the major attractions found nearby Orlando. While the city of Clermont has changed little, especially the downtown section since the early 1960s, the growth of the surrounding cities has made Clermont an ideal place for those looking to start a new career.

Founded in 1884, the city of Clermont was incorporated in 1916 as part of the burgeoning citrus industry. In fact, one of the first constructed landmarks in the state is the Florida Citrus Tower which was built in 1956 so visitors could stand atop the 226 foot structure and view the surrounding citrus fields. It remains one of the more prominent attractions in the area.

The climate of Clermont is rather moderate, although the summers can get fairly warm. The city does not benefit from being near the ocean as many other Florida communities, but it is fairly warm during the winter months although this part of Florida does get a great deal of rain, especially in the summer. This is why Clermont was a perfect location for the citrus industry.

The economy of Clermont centers on the tourism industry, particularly in retail trade, food and beverage and the lodging industries which help serve the Orlando area. While tourism remains the most prominent force in the economy, those looking at purchasing real estate or houses for rent in Clermont can also find employment in the burgeoning health care field as well. Clermont is a family-oriented city and while it does not boast of many attractions, its location near to major tourism centers means it has plenty of things for families to do just a short drive away.

If you are searshing for houses for rent in Clermont FL may not find all the choices available as in other, larger communities in the region. Plus, the housing crisis of 2008 did greatly affect this part of Florida which is only now just returning to a more normal economy. Having said that, you can find homes for rent in Clermont at most price ranges to fit your budget. The main advantage of living in Clermont is not so much the town itself, which is devoid of major attractions, but the short distance to other, larger cities where more employment opportunities can be found.

Clermont has enjoyed moderate growth thanks to the tourism industry, but for those looking at finding a small town environment with plenty of job opportunities in the tourism industry or in larger cities nearby, then it pays to find homes for rent in Clermont FL to help start your new career. Starting from humble beginnings, founded in the citrus industry Clermont is today a thriving community basking in the glow of the tourism industry thanks to its larger neighbors which means it can be the perfect place to live.