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Moving to Florida –10 reasons to make Florida your new home

moving to floridaFor many Americans, moving to Florida is a lifelong aspiration; but all too often, it is a plan that is postponed until retirement. Each year, Florida is one of the top relocation destinations in the US, particularly among senior citizens. In fact, more than 17% of Florida’s population is over 65 years old (much higher than the national average). But Florida is not just a destination for the elderly. It is a beautiful, relaxing, and rejuvenating place to live for people of all ages.

Top Jobs in Florida for 2013

top florida jobs

The Top 7 Best Jobs in Florida  And Why Now is a Great Time to Find One

We all know the mess that our nation’s job picture is in – we’ve seen and felt the pain of it for close to five years now. But lately it seems that things are improving. The unemployment rate is coming down, even if it’s doing so slowly. Jobs are being created in some of the hardest hit areas, like construction. And in certain places around the country, the jobs picture actually looks quite a bit better. Florida job creation has recently happened at a faster rate than the national average

Why Orlando is a Great Place to Rent a Home

orlando floridaOrlando is More Than Just Mickey Mouse
When you think of Orlando, you think of Walt Disney World. However, if you ask any Orlando resident, the locals believe their town is much more than home to Mickey Mouse and his 55 million annual visitors. Although the theme parks are a definite perk to living in Orlando, you begin to realize this  Beautiful City offers everything from outdoor activities, to a wide variety of stores and restaurants as well as local events and activities.

5 Awesome Rental Property Decorating Ideas

Rental Property DecoratingSo after a long and grueling search, you’ve just found the perfect place to rent. Congratulations! Now comes the dilemma faced by all renters. How much decorating should I do? Hopefully you plan to stay a while in your new place. But even if you don’t, there are some easy and inexpensive decorating ideas to make your new rental feel like home.

Who will win the Superbowl?

super bowlThe Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49’ers have stamped there tickets to New Orleans. Who do you think will win this years Superbowl? Cast your vote below. (voting is closed)




Do you offer Pet Friendly Housing? Here’s why you should

The Benefits of offering Pet-Friendly Housing in Florida
It’s a well-known fact that most people enjoy the company and companionship of pets. Pets bring a lot to a person’s life and studies have shown that they can help to lower blood pressure and enhance a person’s quality of life. The unconditional love that they give in exchange for a bowl of food, clean water and a warm place to sleep is immeasurable! Not many property management companies see the huge marketing opportunity when it comes to pet friendly housing to responsible pet owners.

Happy New Year From

new year 2013Happy New Year from all of us at

Merry Christmas From

Merry Christmas from with warm wishes from our family to yours

Why Content for SEO is King?

seo for contentMajor search engines are working hard to create the best search experience possible for searchers, This means that offering the best relevant information for what users are searching for stand to gain the most visibility in search engines. Quality content creation is essential in today’s SEO world, the benefits of producing user friendly content go far beyond your website rankings. Launches WalkScore for Listings


Today has launched WalkScore for our rental listings. Walk Score  measures the walkability of properties and is the leading provider of neighborhood maps to the real estate industry. With WalkScore searchers can easily find nearby Schools, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Shopping Malls and even generate driving directions and compute driving times and local Yelp reviews. According the the National Association of Realtors Commute times and places to walk are 2 of the top 3 most important community characteristics. With this new mapping we can deliver more information renters are looking for in renting a new home.